Podcasts for the desktop

Poddr is a free podcast player for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Worlds largest library

Poddr uses iTunes API to gather information. Since iTunes has the largest podcast library in the world this means you will most likely find something of interest no matter if you want music, politics or comedy. If your favourite podcast feed is missing you can easily manually add it to your favourites.

Desktop integration

Poddr is built to integrate with most desktop environments on the market. This means that mediakeys and other system integrations works out of the box.

Elegant and customizable UI

Poddr focuses on a dark and simple UI that is easy to navigate around. The user can also set their own accent color to match their own preference.










Poddr is free software with no ads which means that I make no profit from this piece of software. Poddr started as a personal project but have grown bigger and more complex with time.

I very much appreciate all types of contributions, no matter if it's a bug report or money to buy myself a coffee, I value them all highly!

Open source

Poddr is open source which means you can contribute with your ideas in the form of code or issues in the repository on GitHub! Examples of contributions are:

  • Bug reports
  • Feature requests
  • Ideas for improvement
  • Code

I would very much like to hear about what you like or don't like with Poddr. Open an issue in the repository or contact me by one of the methods found below.


If you don't have the knowledge or time to get involved on GitHub there's also the possibility to make monetary donations to help the development of Poddr.

At time of writing there's only one way to make a donation and that is through my Ko-Fi page.

There are plans to make more options available in the future (PayPal/Patreon)